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Injured At A Factory Job? We Can Help.

The factory floor is the site of many workplace accidents. Whether you work on an assembly line or in maintenance, management, quality control or any other capacity, when you are injured on the job, you deserve workers’ compensation benefits.

At Sawers & Sackel PLLC in Buffalo, we handle workers’ compensation claims and appeals for factory workers throughout western New York. Our firm focuses solely on workers’ comp law. Our attorneys know how the system works and are dedicated to getting the best possible results for our clients.

Learn about the results we have obtained for other injured workers and the good things former clients have to say about us.

The Dangers Of The Factory Floor

Hazards abound in factories and other industrial settings. Workers can be injured by:

  • Falling on slippery floors
  • Getting clothing caught in conveyors and other machinery
  • Coming into contact with electrical wires
  • Fires and explosions

One of the key hazards at a factory job is an injury that is not suffered in a sudden accident, but rather takes months and even years to develop. Many factory workers who engage in repetitive motions suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries. They are entitled to workers’ comp benefits the same as if they were injured in a fire, fall or other accident.

A Legal Team Devoted To Helping You

As an injured worker, you are entitled to benefits for your medical bills and wage loss. We are here to make sure you receive the full amount you deserve under New York workers’ compensation laws.

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