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Injuries From Bending

Bending is a common movement in many workplaces. Unfortunately, it is also the cause of many work-related injuries. These injuries may occur after bending over and picking up one item, or they may develop over time because of repeated bending. If you suffered an on-the-job bending injury, you have the right to ask for workers’ compensation.

In Buffalo and throughout western New York, injured workers turn to the lawyers and the legal team at Sawers & Sackel. We have more than 150 years of combined experience, so we know the steps that need to be taken to get you the necessary benefits after suffering a bending injury at work.

Lower Back Injuries From Bending

Employers may fail to teach employees that there is a proper way to lift heavy objects. Even if they do, they may also create an environment where an employee may feel rushed. An employee may bend over to pick up an item in haste, or he or she may bend to compensate for existing knee pain. Additionally, repeatedly bending and picking up even light objects can take a toll on the lower back, leading to pulled muscles or other injuries.

Lower back injuries are painful, and the healing process requires a substantial amount of time and care. Physical therapy may be necessary. Surgery may be required in the most serious cases. Whatever is required to get better should be covered by workers’ compensation benefits. Our attorneys use hard work to get you the benefits you need.

Other Injuries From Bending

Knee injuries, ACL tears, meniscal tears, shoulder damage and other injuries can also be caused by bending over to pick up objects. No matter what the injury, we can help.

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