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Have You Suffered A Repetitive Motion Injury?

Frequently, work injuries develop over time because of repeating the same movements over and over. These are referred to as repetitive motion injuries, or repetitive strain injuries or repetitive stress injuries. They can be painful and debilitating. Victims have the right to pursue workers’ compensation with the help of an experienced lawyer and a trusted legal team. Sawers & Sackel can help.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Perhaps the most common repetitive motion injury is carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition is the result of nerve damage in the wrist. The damage may be caused with repeated hand motions in industrial occupations and other workplaces. Despite the fact that this is a common condition, requests for workers’ compensation are often challenged. There may be debate over the cause of the injury. It is important that you have a dedicated advocate on your side.

Signs Of A Repetitive Stress Injury

Aside from carpal tunnel syndrome, there are a variety of other common repetitive stress injuries such as tendinitis. These are typically injuries of the joints and can be lower back injuries, knee injuries, elbow injuries or shoulder injuries.

Repetitive motion injuries can result in numbness or tingling so intense that it causes the victim to wake up from sleep. These injuries may move past the point of pain to the extent that there is little feeling in the effective limb. In these cases, it is critical to move quickly to get benefits and treatment to prevent further nerve damage.

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