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Pushing And Pulling Injuries

Jobs at warehouses, factories, retail stores and elsewhere often involve pushing or pulling pallets that may weigh hundreds of pounds, carts stacked high with items, and more. Pushing and pulling motions can result in torn muscles and other injuries to the back, shoulders and other parts of the body. The lawyers and the legal team at Sawers & Sackel are focused on helping victims of these and all other workplace injuries in Buffalo and all of western New York.

Benefits For Victims Of Back Strain, Shoulder Pain And Other Injuries

We use our 150-plus years of combined experience to help people like you maximize workers’ compensation benefits after suffering a pushing or pulling injury. You should be able to focus on healing instead of handling your claim. That is our job, and we do it well. We will make certain that you are getting the medical benefits you need to get better and move forward with your life, covering physical therapy or surgery if necessary. We will see that you get wage benefits to cover the money you are losing because of missed work.

Crush And Falling Object Injuries

Many injuries related to pushing and pulling are not caused by the pushing or pulling movement itself, but by the item being pushed or pulled. If objects are not secured on a pallet or a cart, they may fall off, hitting a hand or foot and causing serious damage. Additionally, if the pallet or cart is so heavy that it cannot be stopped, it may hit the user’s foot or hit someone else. We handle all cases involving pushing and pulling objects at work.

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