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How long do workers’ compensation benefits last?

On Behalf of | May 15, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Many workers in New York have jobs that expose them to hazards. Construction professionals have to do their job at a significant elevation and must also handle dangerous tools. Commercial drivers spend most of their days in traffic and are at constant risk of a collision. Workers in retail environments could end up hurt by slipping or by an attempted robbery.

Employees largely understand that workers’ compensation can protect them if they get hurt while performing job functions. However, people have a harder time understanding what benefits they may qualify for and how long those benefits last. How long can the average employee rely on workers’ compensation benefits after their diagnosis of a job-related health challenge?

Until they fully recover

In many cases, workers dealing with medical challenges related to their job responsibilities can count on workers’ compensation to help them cover expenses until they make a full recovery. Both medical benefits and disability pay can persist until a worker fully heals and can return to work. Many traumatic injuries result in a full recovery if a worker receives adequate leave and proper medical support.

Until they return to work

Some types of job-related health challenges are unlikely to go away even with proper care. Repetitive strain injuries, for example, can continue to flare up if workers return to the same type of job tasks even if they temporarily get their symptoms under control during their time off from employment. When a doctor determines that a worker has achieved maximum medical improvement and that they are unlikely to improve even with additional treatment, there may be an expectation for them to return to work. However, they could still receive certain medical benefits to manage their symptoms or permanent disability benefits if they cannot work or cannot maintain the same profession.

Until they violate program rules

In some scenarios, workers end up losing their benefits because they fail to communicate with employers or do not follow medical recommendations. Violations of the rules for workers’ compensation can affect someone’s eligibility for benefits. Workers who don’t communicate appropriately with their employers, who fail to explain their symptoms to their doctor or who don’t know their rights may not receive the full benefits that they deserve.

Learning more about workers’ compensation coverage in New York can help employees get the support they require while coping with job-related health challenges. Workers who know their rights and follow the rules can optimize how much support they receive. Educating yourself about any process can be empowering and helpful, but as you do… remember one very important step: it is always crucial to seek legal counsel for any workers’ compensation issue.