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Understanding Medical Treatment Guidelines and workers’ comp

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Any time you file a workers’ compensation claim, one of the things that you will hear about is the Medical Treatment Guidelines that apply to all work-related injuries and illnesses in the State of New York. The MTGs are based on the current experiences of medical professionals and the medical evidence that is available.

MTGs have a few benefits for injured workers that you should be aware of. When MTGs are followed:

  • You will be treated to a single standard of care set by the medical community
  • You can receive expedited care after an injury
  • You will have the opportunity to return to work sooner by receiving appropriate treatment faster
  • You may have a better medical outcome

MTGs, on the back end, also help reduce disputes between healthcare providers and payers over the kinds of treatments being given. MTGs also can reduce the costs paid by the workers’ compensation system and increase the speed at which medical providers are paid.

MTGs provide guidance for standard of care

Medical Treatment Guidelines are supposed to be followed, but there are times when they may not apply. For example, in an emergency, the MTGs may not be followed because care is needed urgently. If that care is notincluded in the MTGs, then it should be assumed that whatever care is provided is appropriate at that time.

As a patient, knowing that medical providers are supposed to follow these specific guidelines can help you determine whether you are receiving appropriate care for your injuries or illness. While your care may deviate from the MTGs depending on your needs, MTGs are meant to ensure that all injured workers have their injuries or illnesses approached from the same angle and are treated appropriately.

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