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Know the statistics for New York workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

If you have suffered a workplace injury, you are not alone. In 2020, the employer-reported workplace injuries in New York showed an incidence rate of approximately 2.2 cases per 100 full-time workers. The national rate is 2.7 workers per 100.

Looking at the total number of injuries can be helpful in learning if the rate of illness and injury is increasing or declining annually. The severity of those injuries may also help point out when other supports are needed to improve safety in workplaces around the state.

Private industry injuries and illnesses

According to the data on private industry illnesses and injuries, there were 129,000 recordable cases in New York. Of those, 90,100 were severe enough to require a job transfer, days away from work or other restrictions. In New York, these more severe cases are called DART cases.

A total of 92% of the DART cases in New York resulted in at least one day off work, while the national average is 69%.

All industries, including state and local government

Looking at data from every industry, there were 189,300 total injury cases. Of those, 122,100 resulted in days away from work and 7,700 resulted in job transfers or restrictions.

The majority of injury cases were linked to jobs in the service industry. Other jobs with high rates of injury included trade, transportation and utilities, education and health services, state and local government and the goods-producing industry.

Working at a dangerous job could put you at risk

There are many dangerous jobs that have the potential to expose you to hazards that could threaten your life and health. It’s important that your employer explains the safety precautions you must take to protect yourself and your colleagues. Your employer should have a safety plan in place and train you on the personal protective equipment that you have at your disposal.

If you suffer an injury or illness as a result of your job, you need to report it to your employer as soon as you can. To understand the benefits available through workers’ compensation, contact an attorney who is experienced in workers’ comp law.