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The benefits of retaining a workers’ compensation attorney

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Consider this scenario. Joe was injured at work, but he continued, and he worked in pain. Joe’s supervisor pushed Joe to maintain his pace, but his back injury slowed him down. Painkillers did not help, and his back problem continued. It became difficult for Joe to walk, bend and sit.

While Joe’s employer was dismissive, Joe knew it was time to pursue workers’ compensation benefits. But he wondered whether it was the right move. He had heard that seeking workers’ compensation is a complicated process, and he felt overwhelmed.

In this scenario, it was best for Joe to seek the advice of a skilled workers’ compensation attorney who could guide him through the process.

An attorney can help at every step

When seeking workers’ compensation benefits, an experienced and compassionate attorney is your ally. An attorney is well-versed in workers’ compensation matters and can help you secure the benefits you and your family need.

Here are examples of ways a knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney can help:

  • Explaining the workers’ compensation process in an easily understood way
  • Guiding you in filing the initial claims and ensuring that all required documents are in order
  • Fighting for you during an appeal if your claim for workers’ compensation is denied
  • Pursuing extensions in workers’ compensation benefits when your recovery is still in progress
  • Filing a lawsuit against any third parties that were liable for the accident that led to your injuries

You need a trusted partner to help secure deserved workers’ compensation benefits. An attorney who understands the process, has seen how insurance companies behave, and knows the law is a great ally to have while you recover.