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April 2018 Archives

What you should not do after a work injury

American workers are made of stern stuff. Most share the common work ethic that includes that little voice in our heads that says, "Buck up. Shake it off. Get back in the game." This can be admirable, but if you are hurt on the job, enduring the pain and trauma without complaint is a mistake.

Does permanent disability mean endless benefits?

Workers' compensation is a valuable benefit every worker in New York should be familiar with. It ensures that individuals injured on the job have the availability of financial payment while they are losing time from work due to the injury, as well as necessary medical treatment.

Who is and is not covered by New York workers' compensation?

In New York state, employers have an obligation to provide workers' compensation insurance coverage, regardless of fault. This means if you are hurt on the job, you can obtain immediate medical care, as well as longer-term rehabilitation treatment if it's necessary. In the event your work injury or illness causes you to lose time from work, you may be entitled to monetary compensation.