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Report shows truck drivers have the most fatal jobs

| Feb 15, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

When the road is your workplace, you encounter a number of dangers. From icy roads to aggressive and reckless motorists, truck drivers face a higher risk of serious crashes in general. Delivery drivers also have to deal with unsafe paths and doorsteps. Workers with tractor trailers need to manage the sheer weight of their vehicle. Indeed, you have an especially hazardous job.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics finally completed analyzing workplace injury data from 2016, which confirmed that truck drivers suffered the highest number of fatalities than other jobs. In fact, the 918 truck driver deaths vastly surpassed other professions – almost four times the next largest amount of 260 fatalities.

While this figure does not factor the total number of workers in each occupation, it is important to point out that transportation was the leading cause of injury for truck drivers overall. Because truck drivers spend hours on perilous roadways, the odds of a crash are higher than workers who only drive during their brief commute.

Truck drivers provide a crucial, although often underappreciated, service. Other drivers can get impatient behind trucks and attempt to navigate around them too dangerously. In addition, many drivers work through the night to transport supplies and deliveries by morning. Darkness and fatigue may also become contributing factors to a tragic accident. Your actions, other drivers and the roadway itself can all present the conditions for a crash.

Although you face a significant safety risk as a truck driver, you can still pursue compensation from your employer after a crash. This valuable legal action can help pay for medical bills, loss of income and future costs from the injury.