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Posts tagged "Workers' Compensation"

In New York, what does workers’ compensation cover?

Workers' compensation, as a concept, is not new. Its history traces back some 4,000 years to ancient Sumeria. Documented law from that time includes provisions for monetary compensation for a worker's loss of body parts and even broken bones. A few hundred years later, Ancient Greek, Roman, Arab, and Chinese law all provided sets of compensation schedules, with precise payments for the loss of a body part. In the millennia since, the model has spread around the world and the standard of coverage has changed.

OSHA increases enforcement of silica rule

In 2013, OSHA implemented a new crystalline silica standard for construction companies in New York and throughout the country. In January 2018, OSHA adjusted the fines that these companies must pay for violating that rule. They will be fined $12,934 per violation in addition to the same amount per day if changes are not made. Those that are deemed to be repeat violators could face fines of up to $129,336.

Report shows truck drivers have the most fatal jobs

When the road is your workplace, you encounter a number of dangers. From icy roads to aggressive and reckless motorists, truck drivers face a higher risk of serious crashes in general. Delivery drivers also have to deal with unsafe paths and doorsteps. Workers with tractor trailers need to manage the sheer weight of their vehicle. Indeed, you have an especially hazardous job.

Are workers' compensation and personal injury claims the same thing?

Many workers mistakenly assume that workers' compensation and personal injury claims are the same. While both types of claims help injured persons pursue financial benefits after an accident or injury, they are distinct in scope and nature. In some cases, injured workers can receive workers' compensation and personal injury damages if a negligent third party was involved.

Common mistakes workers make that jeopardize workers' compensation claims

After a workplace accident, you may be overwhelmed and unsure of how to protect your physical and financial well-being. Unfortunately, this hesitation can lead to mistakes that hinder your ability to collect necessary workers' compensation benefits. Below, we outline three of the most common ways that many workers unintentionally harm their compensation claims.