"The firm Sawers & Sackel was great in handling my worker’s comps claim. They were prompt in response to any questions or issues I had. They were courteous and unbelievably understanding. While handling my case, they made me feel like I was their only priority. Their staff was professional and caring and went above and beyond for me, exceeding all expectations. On a scale of 1 - 10, they’re a 10 in customer satisfaction in my book!"
- Eric, Niagara Falls, NY
transport driver, head neck mid back and low back injuries

"Sawers & Sackel represented me for over ten years on my compensation claim. They always returned my phone calls, solved my problems, and answered my questions. Early on the insurance company tried to get me to settle my case with a 50% disability but Sawers & Sackel kept fighting hard for me and they were able to get additional injuries included in my case. They also got me the ultimate settlement I deserved with a higher payment rate and higher disability rate of 86%.
I would definitely refer Sawers & Sackel to anyone in need of a compensation attorney because of their awesome service and the great results they were able to get me. "
- Timothy, Buffalo, NY
bus driver, elbow, shoulder, knee, low back, neck

"I would like to thank Sawers & Sackel, PLLC and Marjorie Fruscione for their excellent and efficient service. Marjorie was very helpful and understanding throughout my workers’ comp process. I would highly recommend her to everyone. She is the best at what she does. Again, thank you for everything." "
- Leonard, Buffalo, NY
packer, neck and left shoulder

"I have been a client of Sawers & Sackel for almost four years. I was injured on the job in February 2013. The staff at Sawers & Sackel are knowledgable, courteous, and friendly. They truly care about their clients. Any questions you have they give you a reply within a reasonable time frame which you can understand and go forward with on your claim. They are very knowledgable in workers’ compensation and easy to work with. I’m happy to recommend the services of Sawers & Sackel."
- Michael, Niagara Falls, NY
laborer, neck, mid back, low back, left shoulder injuries, with post-traumatic headaches and concussion

"I just want Sawers & Sackel to know that I am so proud and satisfied by the caring representation that was given to me by Ms. Jennifer DeKing. She is truly a lawyer that show she cares about her clients and will fight for them. Jennifer is very powerful in a courtroom, and I have acquired a true respect for Ms. DeKing. She is truly a professional asset to the Sawers & Sackel law firm."
- Sheila, Buffalo, NY
data entry typist, left knee, low back injuries

"To whom it may concern, my experience with the law offices of Sawers & Sackel was that the team was there for all my questions that needed to be answered, and made sure that I understood everything. I would like to thank the team of Sawers & Sackel for everything."
- Sean, Lackawanna, NY
transport driver, right index finger injury, with nerve damage in hand

"I would just like to thank everyone at Sawers & Sackel for the AWESOME!!! job you did representing me in my workers compensation case. Sawers & Sackel made sure that the insurance company did not take advantage of me, and fought hard in court to make sure my rights were protected. I was able to maintain my lifestyle, and I was well compensated. Thank you for all your hard work."
- Jerome, Buffalo NY
retail maintenance worker, right shoulder injury

"I’m so glad I called Sawers & Sackel Workers’ Compensation Law Firm when I got injured on the construction site. They handled my workers compensation claim very well. Whenever I had a question or didn’t understand something, they were always there to answer my needs. At the end they got me the money I deserved. I would refer Sawers & Sackel to anyone who needs a workers compensation law firm. Thank you again Sawers & Sackel."
- Peter, Boston NY
insulation installer, hand, elbow, and shoulder injuries

"I can't tell you how pleased I am to have had Sawers & Sackel represent me. I truly felt they not only had my best interests at heart, but that they also were always actively working with me to achieve them. And boy did they! They always had time to answer all of my questions. They are so friendly and knowledgable too. I can't recommend them highly enough."
- Colin, Yorkshire NY
retail management, spinal injury

"Sawers & Sackel is a law office that cares about their clients. Every time I would call them, if I was unable to talk with them at that moment, they never failed to return my calls. They are professional and courteous. If you are dealing with worker's comp, you will need an attorney to get the job done. These are the attorneys for you!"
- Tim, Derby NY
loading dock worker and stock merchandiser, neck and back injuries

"I cannot say enough positive things about Sawers & Sackel. From the start of that awful time in 2010 to present, Roslyn Sackel and the staff at the firm made the process so much easier for me and my family. They all took care of everything in a timely fashion, and were always available to talk when I had questions and court. I would highly recommend them to anyone I know. Thank you!"
- Heidi, Lancaster NY
waitress, back injury

"From the moment I engaged Sawers & Sackel to represent me in my workers' compensation case I knew I made the right choice. Their professionalism, personal attention to detail, and courtesy in the way their lawyers and staff interacted with me, helped to relieve my concern, and anxiety, in dealing with my case. I would highly recommend the law firm of Sawers & Sackel to anyone that needs representation in a workers' compensation case."
- Jim, North Tonawanda NY
baseball coach, head and neck injuries

"I've had multiple cases with Sawers & Sackel, the most recent with Scott Bottoni. They've always taken care of me and my family. I'd refer anybody to them - they're aces in my book."
- Barry, Kenmore NY
union laborer and supervisor, knee, hip, and back injuries

"I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for all the expert guidance Sawers & Sackel has given me during this ordeal. Every time I've called them, and it's been a lot, they always returned my calls immediately. Jennifer DeKing is my attorney. I feel like she is now more a friend. She has guided me through this every step of the way. I've talked about this firm to all my family and friends. If anyone should ever need a good compensation lawyer and law firm, Jennifer DeKing and Sawers & Sackel are the number one choice."
- Doreen, West Seneca NY
registered nurse, back injury

"Denis and I have had Sawers & Sackel as our attorneys for over 16 years. They have done a great job for us and we recommend them to everyone we know."
- Candace and Denis, Wilson NY
bartender, shoulder and neck injuries
press operator, shoulder, back and neck injuries

"Sawers and Sackel, thanks for everyone's help there. The insurance company has made this a most stressful and difficult year for me. I am most grateful Sawers & Sackel represents me. You're the best!"
- Alyn, Lackawanna NY
diamond cutter, shoulder injury

"I built motorcycle tires for over 20 years. Doing the same motions over 800 times a day I lost motion in both wrists and needed surgery. Sawers & Sackel kept me well informed and got me the settlement I deserved. If you have a compensation claim you should give them a call, they do really good work."
- Dave, Grand Island NY
tire builder, repetitive motion wrist injuries

"I don't think that the general public has any appreciation for the devastation that occurs to the lives of individuals that suffer career ending injuries. The pain and disability associated with the injury, as well as a shift from self assuredness to apprehension and anxiety, is truly, a horrible thing to experience. The firm of Sawers & Sackel, Ms. Marjorie C. Fruscione in particular, have been an immense help in getting me through the process.

I often repeat an exchange that occurred between Ms. Fruscione and my self during one of the many hearings that we have had to attend. At the time I was really beaten down by the injury, the process, and just life in general. I told Ms. Fruscione that I couldn't fight any battles, that there was no fight left in me. Her response. "Don't worry, that's my job!" That brief exchange lifted me at a time when I was really low. I know that Ms. Fruscione would say that she was just doing her job. But on that day it was so much more.

The firm has always shown professionalism and timeliness. As a lay person, I would refer anyone in need of representation in a Workers' Compensation claim to Sawers & Sackel. They have truly been a blessing to me and my family."
- William, Buffalo NY
teacher, back injuries